Minimum Shipping Volume (MSV) refers to the minimum number of monthly orders clients can ship with us. This is applicable to all our clients.

Ensuring a minimum shipping volume allows us to continue to scale our operations and support our clients effectively. It means we can maintain a good relationship with our partners and provide the most competitive rates for you.

Minimum Shipping Volume

500 orders a month

Why we have a MSV

Our MSV is in place to ensure our business is economically viable across our global operations.

If your order volume falls below our MSV

The Borderless360 app will automatically notify you.

You will be charged an MSV Fee for each month your order volume falls below our MSV.

This fee payment is automated and will be charged within 1-5 days of the next month and will show up as a Minimum Shipping Volume Fee on your bill.


$500 USD a month

If your order volume remains below our MSV for longer than two months, then we will contact you to discuss how we can best support you to increase it.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Client Success team.

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