Borderless360’s tech continues to develop, giving you more ways to optimise your logistics. Through one connected platform, you can manage freight forwarding, tickets, claims, integrations, SLAs, tracking and refer friends whilst winning rewards.

We’re breaking down our latest tech updates and contextualising them, so you can harness incredible opportunities. And, we’re offering one-on-one calls with our tech team if you’d like to go through any of the changes personally. You can book a session here to speak with our tech team.

✨ What's New? ✨

Harness digital freight forwarding with real time tracking

Freight forwarders act as intermediaries between the company who makes the shipment and the final destination for the goods. By becoming a freight forwarder, Borderless360 has more control over the supply chain, lowering costs and shaving delivery time. Most freight forwarders are lagging behind when it comes to technology, opting to work over the phone or email- without any visibility for their customer.

With Borderless360, you have complete control with vessel tracking capabilities right in the app. Read more about our Freight Forwarding services via the Helpsite article here.

Full oversight over billing performance analytics

Transparency is a top priority for Borderless360. We’re always looking for ways we can give more visibility and we’ve been able to do that through enhanced billing capabilities. We’ve added more detail into Value Added Surcharges, such as service, unit of measure and quantity - letting you know exactly where your charges are going. And, you’ll have full oversight through a responsive analytics dashboard. Read more in our billing article here and our billing update here.

Your enquiries in one place- the in-app ticketing feature

Email, phone, web chat- it can be difficult to keep track of all your enquiries. That’s why simplifying the enquiries process has been a key development to the app this year. The in-app ticketing feature allows you to keep all enquiries in one place and allows us to better address concerns in a timely, more efficient manner.

You can read more about using the ticketing feature.

Seamless messaging with our new Gorgias integration

Want a seamless messaging and order monitoring experience? At Borderless360 we’re always looking for ways we can simplify your life- not complicate it. That’s why integrations with our app is a key part of what we do. Our partnership with Gorgias means integrating is easier than ever. Get started using our helpsite article here.

Interested in using Gorgias? Get a seamless transition through our affiliate partner link.

Manage all your claims with the new insurance dashboard

What tools you have available when things go wrong, is what distinguishes Borderless360 from the rest. Complementary transit insurance is a benefit we were really excited to offer our customers. And to make the experience of claiming for insurance even easier- we’ve made a dedicated dashboard where you can view, manage and engage with all your claims. Read all about it in our helpsite article here.

Total oversight over our performance: SLA Analytics

SLAs or Service Level Agreements are standards of service we’ve committed to making. By having an analytics dashboard at your fingertips, you’re always able to see if we’re following through on our commitments.

With the analytics dashboard you can keep track of important metrics such as average delivery times, SLA performance, costs, receiving times and much more. Dive into the analytics here.

We have also launched a calendar listing all public holidays and 3PL closures that impact our SLAs, giving you more visibility over your supply chain.

Customizable tracking and returns for a full branded experience

Our customizable tracking page allows your customers to follow their package's journey on a personalised branded webpage. It also can be used for returns, providing a full solution.

Enabling the tracking feature means we will be able to generate a new tracking page that your customers can access. This page can be branded using your own logo and brand colours. The URL will include your company name and the customer's order number.

Once an order has been delivered, if enabled, your customer will then have the option to generate a returns label, by clicking the Return button underneath their order. Read more about it here.

Refer straight through the platform

Who better to advocate for our platform, team, and service than those who use it everyday? Instead of back-and-forth emails and phone calls, we have now simplified the process so that you can refer straight through the platform. When you refer a retailer through the Borderless360 app, you both receive a $1000 USD credit when your referral signs up to Borderless360 and makes their first chargeable order. With each retailer you refer, you'll receive an additional $1000 USD (there is no limit to how many retailers you can refer, and there is no expiry on the credit!) Get rewarded for referrals here.

We’re so excited to be sharing all these incredible features with our clients. Remember, if you’d like one-on-one time to discuss setting up anything or have a few questions, you can book time with our tech team here.

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