Based on your invaluable feedback, we've made some changes to the platform.

SLA analytics

A detailed SLA analytics dashboard provides greater visibility on how we are performing. You are now able to view receiving, order fulfillment and dispatch time statistics. Weekends, public holidays and planned closures are excluded from warehouse SLAs.

For more information on our SLAs, visit our help site article here.

Holiday calendar

We have also launched a calendar listing all public holidays and 3PL closures that impact our SLAs, giving you more visibility over your supply chain.

The calendar is accessible in the top right of your navigation bar.

New ticket types: Quote request & Cancellation Request

You may now request a quote or to cancel orders through the in-app ticketing feature. To do this, open a new ticket, and under the ticket type, select Cancellation request or Quote request. Fill in the appropriate details and submit your request. Please note, you must tick the confirmation box, acknowledging that you understand the charges that could be incurred in cancelling an order. You can read more about the charges in our fulfillment centre fees article.

Changes to Same Day shipping cancellations

Currently, to ensure a consistent service, orders that are to be shipped using same day couriers cannot be edited or cancelled. However you may now use the ticketing system to request a cancellation using the Cancellation Request ticket type. We will endeavour to cancel your same day order in time, but please note this is not a guarantee.

Additional charges for cancelling an order may also apply for same day shipments. For more information, visit our help site article on Fulfillment centre fees.

Changing your tracking page colors

You can now change the font colors and link colors on your tracking pages. To do this, go to settings, then tracking page. For more information on how to customise your tracking page, visit our help site article: Branded Tracking Page.

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