You can now integrate DEAR Systems with your Borderless360 account, syncing your order and tracking information automatically.

This article will show you how to create and authorise the integration from within the Borderless360 app.

Setup the integration

First, you will need to set up the integration in Borderless360. In the app:

  1. Click Settings, then Integrations

  2. You will see a number of different integrations available. Click DEAR

  3. Click Add new DEAR integration

A form will appear on the screen with a few fields to fill in.

First is name. This is the name you will give to your integration. You can write any name of your choice.

The next two fields require information from your DEAR account. These are Account ID, and API key. To retrieve this information, head over to DEAR Systems.

  1. Click Integration from the sidebar

  2. Click API from the Integrations menu, then DEAR API

  3. Then, click the + symbol to add an integration.

  4. Enter a name of your choice, for example “Borderless360” and click create

You will find the credentials needed to complete the setup. Simply copy and paste these credentials into the corresponding fields in the Borderless360 app. Once you're happy, enable the integration by switching the toggle, and press save.

Disabling the integration

If you would like to disable the Borderless360 DEAR integration, head to the Borderless360 app.

  1. Click Settings, then Integrations

  2. Choose DEAR

  3. Select Edit

  4. A Disable - Enable toggle will appear. Click the toggle so it slides to Disable. Once you disable the integration, it will no longer talk to the DEAR API.

  5. Click Save. The integration will be automatically disabled in DEAR for you.

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