Creating ASNs is now a step quicker with the addition of Vendor Addresses. It is now easier to choose a pre-saved vendor address from the search, as well as manage existing ones.

From the ASN orders page

  1. Click Create New, or

  2. Select an existing order and Edit.

On the details page, you will now find a Vendor Details block.

Here you can search for existing vendors by starting to type the vendor name in the search bar.

Create a new vendor

You can also create a new Vendor from within the ASN page by filling in the fields in the Vendor Details block.

Once you have filled in all the details, or selected the vendor:

  1. Click Save

  2. Then Draft

Add or edit a vendor in Settings

You can access all vendor information in your Settings pages.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select the Contacts tab

  3. Under the newly created Vendor tab, you will find a list of vendors.

By opening the individual vendor page, you can Edit the vendor details.

Alternatively, click Add Contact or create a new vendor. All added vendors will be accessible using the search bar when creating a new ASN.

Select Vendor from the choices of contact at the bottom of the form.

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