In this article, you will learn how to raise an enquiry in our ticketing system, what different tags mean, how to add and filter tickets using tags, how to use the star feature, how to find a ticket's history and how to use the Gorgias integration.

Here's a short video explaining how to use ticketing feature:

Creating a ticket for a shipment

Creating a ticket

Subscribing to email notifications

Ticket tags explained

Enquiry tags explained


Tagging tickets

Filtering tickets

Tracking shipment statuses

Gorgias integration

Ticket Analytics

Creating a ticket for a specific order or shipment

All queries are managed through the B360 in-app ticketing system. This allows us to keep all enquiries in one place and better address concerns in a timely, more efficient manner.

1. You can create a ticket for any kind of order in the B360 app. This includes Orders, Returns and ASNs. For example, to raise an enquiry about a shipped order, head to the Borderless360 app. Using the side navigation panel, click Orders

2. Under orders, click the order in question that you would like to make a query about.

Then in the top right navigation, click the ticket icon to Create a ticket

3. This will open a ticketing enquiry pop up.

4. Select the appropriate tag to categorise your issue. Look below at Enquiry Tags Explained to read more about the different tags.

5. Write a message describing your query in as much detail as you can.

6. Hit send, and a new unique ticket will be created.

If you click through to the link, this will take you to your Tickets dashboard. Here you will be able to see all of your tickets in one place, organised by Unreplied, My Tickets, Open, Closed and Starred.

7. You'll be able to attach files, send pictures and messages within the ticketing dashboard.

8. Multiple tickets regarding the same order will appear within the same conversation in the ticketing feature.

9. Once an issue is resolved, you must mark the issue as complete in the B360 app to acknowledge it has been successfully resolved.

10. If an issue persists after it has been resolved, creating a new ticket for the order will reopen the issue and mark it as unresolved.

Once you have received a reply from a Client Success representative, the ticket will display in the Unreplied tab.

Creating a ticket

Alternatively, you may create a ticket that isn’t linked to an order or shipment.

  1. In the Borderless360 app, select Tickets from the sidebar.

  2. Click the Create New Ticket button at the upper right corder of the page.

  3. Start typing your message, hit send, and one of our Client Success representatives will respond within the hour.

Creating a ticket for a manifest

You can also create a ticket related to a manifest. To do this:

In the app,

  1. Select Manifests from the sidebar

  2. Click the Create New Ticket button at the upper right corder of the page.

  3. Start typing your message, hit send, and one of our Client Success representatives will respond within the hour.

Subscribing to email notifications

You can now also subscribe to email notifications that alert you when you’ve received a reply from us.

In the app,

  1. Click the notification icon in the ticket window to subscribe to email notifications. The icon will turn purple.

  2. To unsubscribe, click the notification icon and select unsubscribe. The icon will return to grey.

Ticket Tabs Explained

There are several tabs available to help provide a clear overview of your tickets.


Lists all of the tickets waiting for your response. This tab makes it easy to view all tickets you need to follow up on.

My Tickets

Only displays tickets that you have opened. This is especially useful if you work in a large team and would like to only view tickets that belong to you.


Lists all open tickets within your company.


Lists all closed tickets.


You may star a ticket that you consider important or urgent. Clicking Starred will only show your starred tickets in each tab.

Enquiry Tags Explained


Shipment enquiry

This refers to all issues when an order is in transit. Examples include tracking information showing no movement/ is unavailable, the order is lost, courier says delivered but the order has not been received by a customer, delays, etc.

Accounting enquiry

This refers to all accounting and billing enquiries. Examples include if there is a billing dispute, incorrect charges, or a payment query.

Inbound receiving

This is related to all inbound receiving into our facilities. Example queries include anything to do with ASNs, sending goods to our facilities, clarification on if goods have arrived, inventory discrepancies or delays of arrivals of ASNs.


This refers to any individual outbound shipments that have an insurance claim against them. Examples of queries could refer to lost or damaged goods or following up on payment of insurance claims.

Pick pack error

This refers to how an order has been picked and packed. Examples include when an order has been picked and packed incorrectly or a wrong item has been placed in an order.


This refers to any issues when goods are being returned to our facilities. Examples include the status of a return, querying whether an order has been received in the warehouse or a request for further instructions on how to handle a return.


This refers to all other enquiries that do not fall under the above tags.


Borderless360 now provides you with more visibility over your open, closed and starred tickets with the introduction of tags. From the ticketing dashboard, you can now view, edit or add tags to tickets as well as filter your messages by including and/or excluding tags.

Viewing tags

Each tag is visible in the list view and at the top of the opened ticket.

Tagging tickets

It is now possible to add, edit or remove tags on tickets. To do this:

  1. Click the add tag icon at the top of the ticket.

  2. A window will appear with a dropdown to select an existing tag or add a custom tag.

  3. To add a custom tag, simply start typing the tag name in the dropdown field and click Add New.

  4. To Edit, click the pencil icon on the tag.

  5. Then click Save.

Filtering Tickets

Using the tags on your ticketing dashboard filter and narrow your messages, allows you to have a macro-level visibility over all of your tickets.

Include and Exclude filters

One of the most powerful filtering options is the ability to exclude certain tags. When filtering tickets, you can filter by the tags you want to see as well as exclude tags you don't want to see. Using Include and Exclude Filters will enable you to eliminate unwanted hits.

  1. Click the Filter button

  2. Under Include, select the tags you'd like to search for

  3. Under Exclude, select the tags you'd like to eliminate from your search query

Starred tickets

For tickets you consider important and want to be able to access quickly, you can always Star them by clicking the star button at the top of the ticket body.

You can also filter by starred tickets by selecting the Starred button at the top of the list of tickets.

My closed tickets

When shipping a large number of orders, it can be quite a task to keep track of all orders you have an enquiry about. Finding your closed tickets could never be easier.

  1. Simply select closed from the tabs

  2. Filter by Author

  3. Select “Your Name”

...and you will find all closed tickets that you had originally opened.

How to see order's related tickets.

There are two ways to search for all order's related tickets.

  1. Search the order reference number in the ticket's search box.

  2. Open that particular order, then click on the Order history icon (top-right icon as per screenshot below), then you will be able to see all related tickets to that order, as there might be a few of them.

Tracking shipment statuses

When you raise a Shipment Enquiry ticket for orders that show no movement or tracking is unavailable, the Borderless360 system will automatically notify you in the ticket when a new tracking event appears.

Georgia's integration with Borderless360 widget.

Our ticketing system is now fully integrated with Gorgias, giving you a seamless messaging and order monitoring experience. Read more on how to install Gorgias or contact customer support to schedule a demo.

To open a ticket for a particular order, simply click Create ticket.

The main ticket url will link automatically to the specific ticket you created within the Borderless360 system.

Ticket Analytics

To access the analytics dashboard, click on the Analytics icon on the menu bar in the Borderless360 platform. Select Tickets from the tabs.

From the tickets dashboard, you will be able to view the number of open tickets per user, the number awaiting reply, the number of orders with tickets, the average first response time, average response time, tagging analytics.

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