We’re excited to announce that we have some updates on the tracking page feature. The tracking page displays real-time tracking events, consolidating any courier’s tracking details in one place. We wanted to give you the ability to create a personalised branded page that you can share with your customers.

Streamlining communication

By having a tracking page, we’re able to display tracking events in real-time. This empowers you to see the status of an order all in one place. Orders such as copied, returned or separated are displayed on the same page and will show you if an order needs to be reshipped or is returned. If a shipment error occurs and an order is not trackable for a period of time, we are able to provide clear tracking messages on what’s happening.

Some other additional benefits to the feature include:

  • A mobile-optimized version

  • The return feature can be turned on or off

  • Customised links in the footer

  • A customizable branded domain e.g. track.companyname.com

  • The ability to switch on/off for a particular store or email notification

  • Copied and Returned orders displayed on the same page as an original order

  • Returned orders’ shipping labels available for download from the tracking page

Please note, by default, your customers will receive the same courier tracking URL, as they did before. Please, contact the customer success team to enable it for your store.

The full description of the tracking page feature is available here.

Other new updates in the B360 app:

Inventory Prediction

  • This is available on the Total and Detail page. The inventory prediction is a rough estimate that we have calculated based on your order history. The prediction takes into consideration historical spikes and lulls in demand to alter levels accordingly. This means, for example, if you consistently have a spike in sales in the run-up to Christmas and then have a lull in January, the inventory prediction will rise and fall in December and January respectively.

Action Required

  • Now, if the order is in an Action required status, you are able to immediately open the edit page so that it can be fixed and updated straight away.

Changing your tracking page colors

You can now change the font colors and link colors on your tracking pages. To do this:

  1. Go to Setting

  2. Click the Tracking Page tab

  3. On this page, you will find options to select your custom font colour and background color.

  4. Hit Save.

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