Borderless360 adds value most when you ship more. We have a tiered pricing model to reflect this. The more you ship, the more you save.

Below is a table of our tiered global pricing:

Probation Plan

We cannot continue to support clients on the Probation Plan for longer than eight weeks. This is because our business model is only economically viable when supporting clients on Tier 1 and above.

You should be certain you can consistently ship 700+ orders a month before committing to use Borderless360. In the event that your order volume remains on the Probation Plan for longer than eight weeks, regrettably we would be compelled to terminate our commercial contract until your volume is increased.

The Probation Plan incurs a monthly platform fee of USD$700.00. There is no platform fee when using our tiered plans (ie when shipping 700+ monthly orders).

Moving to a higher tier

If you are shipping more orders and would like to move to a higher tier plan, we would need to see a steady increase in volume over a three month period. This is so we can be sure that the growth is sustained and not solely affected by special shopping events such as Black Friday, holiday seasons or peak season.

If your business grows to a new tier category and is sustained over a three month period, we are happy to more you to a higher tier. Moving to a higher tier will give you 2% discount on pick pack and shipping, when moving from the Probation Plan to Tier 1 and a 4% when moving from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

Moving to our Tier 3 Growth Plan

As it is our highest tier, there are a few more considerations we make before moving a client from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

Borderless360 considers the size of your business, your freight profile, average product price, number of SKUs and how many locations you are operating in when creating a rate profile for your business.

Moving down a tier

Keeping clients on a discounted tier when they are no longer shipping the required orders is not sustainable for our business and affects service levels for all our clients. We review our clients' order volumes every calendar month. If your business is performing below your tier for a calendar month, we will move you to a lower tier unless you are on the Tier 3 Growth Plan. You will be notified of your change in tier through an in-app message. The new tier pricing will be reflected in your rate card.

If you are on the Tier 3 growth plan and your order volume falls below the threshold for a calendar month, we will be in touch to understand your position and work with you to stabilise your order volume.

Local Plan

The local plan sits outside of our tiered global pricing and refers to clients that operate in one region only. This plan is customised towards each local client and does not share some of the discounted tiered rates. This is because Borderless360's mission is to help businesses scale globally and therefore, we have geared our business model towards this aim. We are able to help clients best when they have ambitions to grow into new markets and operate from multiple regions and our tiered pricing reflects that.

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