New order status

Based on feedback and app functionality, we've split the Fulfilling by 3PL into two statuses.

  • Ready for Fulfilment - this status means that the order has been fully prepared and is ready to be shipped, but you can still edit it. The ‘Manifest’, ‘On-Hold’, ‘Fulfil’ and ‘Copy’ actions are available as the order has not yet begun to be fulfilled by the 3PL.

  • Fulfilling by 3PL - This status means the order has begun to be fulfilled by the 3PL and now cannot be put on hold or cancelled as the 3PL is preparing the order for shipment. Usually, it takes up to 4 hours to ship the order.

You can see the new Ready for Fulfillment status in the screenshot below:

We have also changed the colours on the dashboard too to improve readability:

You can read more about the different order statuses on The Orders Page on our Help site.

If you have any further questions about the new update, please let us know!

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