There have been a few fixes and updates to our system this week. The analytics app is back up and running, we now offer Gorgias integrations, there have been updates to the Order Export report and Bulk Updating. Read on for more information.

Dashboard Analytics is back up

This week we experienced a technical issue that saw the Analytics app go down. The app is back online and functioning as normal. Thank you for your patience.

If you haven't checked out Dashboard Analytics yet, you can find out more in the following help-desk article.

Gorgias integration added

We have recently added an integration with Gorgias. Follow this step-by-step guide to getting it up and running. Please contact our customer support team if you require an API token for any integrations, or if you need any additional information.

Order Export Report updates

We have added two extra columns to the Order Export Report to give you the information you need. Now included:

  • Store name - provides a name of Sales Channel. For example, it will show whether it was created through your Shopify store or API integration.

  • Original date - shows the original date the order was created in Sales Channels.

Bulk Update Orders: Previous Import

A "Previous Import|" link has been added to Step 1 in the Bulk Update Orders flow. Clicking it will open the spreadsheet file that was previously uploaded. It will only show if there were historical uploads.

Other small fixes and updates

  • Order Items Bulk Import has been renamed Bulk Update

  • New order of menu icons

  • Separate templates for ASNs and orders

  • Fixed: stock level to show in order items popup window

  • Fixed: order detail print to show up to 200 order items in a .pdf file

  • Fixed: 3PL dropdown in the order form

  • Fixed: tooltip on receiver for ASN

We hope you find these updates useful. And as always, your feedback makes all the difference so don't hesitate, we’d love to hear what you think.

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