How does setting up returns work?

You'll need to set some time aside (30 mins- an hour) to speak to our tech team for a Returns Onboarding Call. Within the call you'll first configure your account to enable returns and set up your local returns mail providers. You'll then add your own branding to the tracking page and create your own domain for the page such as "".
Then, you'll be able to create personalised email notifications that can be sent to your customers with shipping labels, etc. These emails can be branded with personalised templates and sent via your own email address. You can read more about our customised email functionality in the helpsite article here.

How much will a return cost?

Returns are region and weight specific. Once returns have been set up, pricing for them will be visible within your rate card. You can view your rate card in the B360 app under Settings > Shipping > B360 Rates.

How much will returning an order cost my customer?

Returning an order doesn't cost your customer a thing. All they have to do is attach the shipping label and post the order via the local mail provider you've specified.

Can I add my own branding to the tracking page?

Yes you can add your logo, company name and brand colours to the tracking page and also choose the domain, which will be seen by your customer.

What happens if an item is returned damaged?

Once an item is received back to our facilities, our local 3PLs will mark the condition of the order. If it's damaged, they'll upload a picture and you'll be able to make a decision on if it should be added back to inventory or destroyed.

How long does a customer have to return an order?

You can create your own policy that works for you. We recommend recording on your website/ marketplace your returns policy to keep your customers in the know.

If a customer lives nearby a local 3PL, can they return it in person?

Returns have to be processed in the same way to ensure products are not lost and received correctly. Because of this, customers will have to send their returns via your chosen local mail provider.

What if a customer wants to return an order outside of the regions B360 supports?

If a customer outside of the regions we support attempts to download a return label, they will be met with a 'failed return' message pop up. This message can be customised accordingly to your instructions including if you wish, how the customer can contact you directly to arrange a return.

Currently we can only support returns in the regions we support. We offer new facilities every year and will keep you posted when new regions become available for returns!

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