Our customizable tracking page allows your end customers to follow their package's journey on a personalised branded webpage. It also can be used for returns, if you enable them.

Below we break down exactly how the tracking page feature works. We've also tried to answer as many questions as we can about our returns in our Returns FAQ here.

Reach out to us to book a demo for the tracking feature here.

Enabling the tracking feature means we will be able to generate a new tracking page that your customers can access. This page can be branded using your own logo and brand colours. The URL will include your company name and the customer's order number in this format: https://track.yourcompanyname.com/order

Below is an example of both the desktop version (left) and the mobile version (right) of the tracking page. We have optimised the page for mobile use so your customers can access it everywhere.

Customers can use the page to track their orders. Once an order has been delivered, if enabled, your customer will then have the option to generate a returns label, by clicking the Return button underneath their order. Customers will then fill in their email address in a pop up to generate the shipping label, which will be emailed to them as you can see here:

We’ll work with you to create the copy for the email that will be sent to the customer once they’ve requested a return.

Here’s an example of a branded email that would be sent to your customer:

Also whilst onboarding, we’ll guide you through choosing the right returns mail provider in each region. You can see in the example here providers for the UK (Royal Mail) and the US (DHL Ground) here:

Once we have received the Return at our facility, we will mark it as arrived within the B360 app. We’ll then review the order, ensuring its in great condition and ready to be sent out again. We have the functionality within the app to add notes and images on the condition of an order to share with you should we need to. Based on your preferences, once it’s been reviewed it will be added back into your inventory, and it's ready to go.

Reach out to us today if you'd like to offer tracking to your customers!

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