Who better to advocate for our platform than those who use it every day?

In this spirit, we provide an official Referral Program to all our clients.

How to refer retailers to Borderless360

When you refer a retailer to Borderless360, you both receive a $1,000 USD credit.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into the B360 app.

  2. Find the Referral Program by:

    1. Clicking your account name in the top right and selecting ‘Earn Credit Through Referrals’ or

    2. Clicking Settings and choosing Referral Program from the header bar.

  3. From your referral dashboard, send unique referral links by email (you can also copy the unique link to your clipboard to share using other methods) and keep track of who you’ve referred.

Once you've sent referral links, we'll do the rest.

Referral Program terms & conditions

  • Credit will be paid out once the retailer processes their first order and providing the retailer meets our Minimum Shipping Volume.

  • Credit cannot be used in conjunction with Pricing Packs.

  • There is no limit on how many retailers you can refer, and there is no expiry on the credit.

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