Orders feature enhancements

The Orders page now includes an Archived section in the header bar.

When Borderless360 changes the order status to Archived it will only be visible in the Archived tab on the Orders page. When an order is archived, it is not deleted. All orders, active or archived, can still be accessed.

The order will no longer appear in the filters and search on the main Orders page. If you need to retrieve the order, you can do so by filtering by Archived orders and then searching for a particular shipment.

This feature will be automatically applied to all 2020 and older orders. The order will not be deleted and no data will be lost.

For example, if you need to retrieve information about an order from 2020, click on ‘Archived’ in the header bar and use the search function as normal.

The rest of your orders will not be affected until further notice.

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