What are bundles?

Product bundles are several individual products that are sold as one combined package. This may be useful if you'd like to package complementary products together or create bundles for special events such as Christmas or Mother's Day.

Here's how you can add bundles to the Borderless 360 app:

  1. Log into the B360 portal.

  2. In the side navigation panel, select Products.

  3. In the top navigation panel, select Update bundle products.

  4. On the right, click Download the template and then click Make a copy. This will take you to a Google Sheets file.

  5. In the Bundle product SKU field create the name for your bundle.

  6. Then in the Product SKU field, paste in the first product’s SKU (It should be created as a product in B360 app before) and in the Quantity field, type in the quantity.

  7. In the second row repeat the same bundle name as in the first row, followed by the next SKU and so on until your bundle is complete.

  8. Then, in the top right hand, click Share. Change the sharing permissions to Anyone with the link can edit. Copy the link to your clipboard, then click Done.

  9. Back in the B360 app, paste the link in the google drive field and then click Validate, then Approve.

  10. In the top left, select Go back to products. You will now be able to search for your bundle and check that it has been added successfully.

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