Inventory feature enhancements

The All page of the Inventory has been enhanced with new functionalities, and it now displays stock levels of all the warehouses. Furthermore, we have improved the search and filter features and added the following reports:

  • 3PL current stock level report (.csv)

  • Stock received report (.csv)

  • 3PL dated stock level report (.csv)

Feel free to check out our help-desk article for more information or contact our customer success team for demo.

Shopify - sync products sale prices as customs values.

If you want to activate syncing of the products sale prices as customs value, please go to Settings -> Sales Channels -> Edit the Shopify integration and tick the box "Fetch customs values" then Save. The new orders will contain the sale prices and currencies from the shop.

Order items - currency support for customs value

As it's shown on the screenshot below the currency and prices were synced from a shop as 50 HKD.

Courier service and shipping option tooltip

The Courier column on the Order List page now contains the information on the service and shipping option.

We've also created quite a few minor improvements to the platform. We hope these improvements help your experience of the Borderless360 platform. If you have any other feedback, please don't hesitate to share it with our Client Success Team.

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