This release contains some major improvements including Shopify Inventory sync and fraud protection as well as some minor improvements such as creating an automated email of arrived ASNs.

Shopify integration

We've been working hard to make the integration with Shopify more seamless. Here are a few features we are able to support now:

  • Inventory sync across all warehouses

  • Fraud orders protection

  • Partially fulfilled orders sync

  • Filters by countries and products

Please read more regarding the integration in this link or schedule a meeting with our tech team to discuss in more detail or to set it up for your account.

Copy feature

Now, the copy feature works with the integration. This becomes useful if one of your orders was cancelled accidentally, it could then be copied together with the source integration, so your end-customer will receive the tracking info.

Update bundle products

This allows you to bundle new products or update existing bundled products through a Google Sheet integration. Please contact the Client Success Team and they will provide guidance for your particular case.

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