What data do we access from your Shopify account?

  • Products, variants and inventory levels

  • Unfulfilled orders and fulfillments

  • Shipping methods

  • Location

Products sync recommendations

  • All products must have unique SKUs to be set up in Shopify. If two or more products have the same SKU it will be treated as the same product in Borderless360.

  • The SKU is case sensitive, e.g. TOY1 and toy1 are different SKUs.

  • Set up product weights correctly

  • If you need to set up extra product bundles or packaging instructions, please coordinate it with your account manager.

  • If you add a new product in Shopify it will be synced automatically to the Borderless360 system with a new order. However, we recommend that you create it manually and provide all the necessary information via the product page, so it doesn’t affect the fulfilment process. Otherwise the order will be stuck in Action Required.

  • If you want to skip certain product titles, e.g. Tip or Bag you can do that by following these instructions.

  • Please note that Borderless360 requires 100% correct information within the Order Items. If you believe you have some special exceptions, please make sure to contact our Client Success team.

How to add multiple Shopify stores

We fully support multiple Shopify stores under one Borderless360 account. However, it’s recommended to set up a Shopify Order prefix distinguishable from one store to another.

To add a new Shopify store simply click Add a new integration and follow the same process.

How to disable or enable the integration:

You can disable the integration at any time if you no longer wish to use it. This means orders will stop coming in. However, the orders which have been created before will be fulfilled automatically in Shopify. Also, the inventory will stop syncing.

Shopify options descriptions:

  • Partially refunded orders, in contrast with Partially Fulfilled orders, these orders should be handled manually even though they will appear in the system, we don’t have control over the refunded items. Therefore, it’s recommended to use this option only if you refund the orders on the Shopify side, but make the changes on the Borderless360 app.

  • Partially fulfilled orders, these orders could be useful to synchronise in cases where you used to have another fulfilment service or if you manually fulfilled certain orders in Shopify. We will bring only fulfillable quantities to ship under that order.

  • Fulfilling orders partially in Shopify. This is useful for when you run out of stock of certain products. In this case, you can remove the out-of-stock products and fulfil the rest. This order will be kept as Partially Fulfilled in Shopify, to enable further action. However, please make sure that you create an order manually by using the Copy feature so that the rest of the products will be shipped to your customers once the product is back in inventory. Please note that this feature is not supported if you have bundled products in Borderless360.

  • Syncing tracking events Between Shopify and Borderless360. This option is especially useful if you decide to ship the orders via not well-known couriers. Shopify supports automatic tracking event syncing with very well-known brands. However, we’re also able to provide the tracking events back to Shopify for any additional couriers we use. This will allow your end customers to receive an email notification from Shopify and be able to track their orders on your shopping cart page.

  • Fraud protection. We’re able to leverage Shopify's Risk management tool {link} in order to protect you from fraud orders. If you enable this option, we will keep an eye on fraud warnings from Shopify and put the order into the Action Required, then you can decide whether to fulfil or cancel. There are two levels of risk supported:

Inventory sync

Inventory sync is an optional feature allowing you to sync the inventory from selected Borderless360 warehouses back to your Shopify inventory. We support several scenarios which could be useful, especially if you have several Shopify stores or a Shopify Plus account.

Note: once you enable inventory we will update your products’ fulfilment location and the inventory stock within a few hours.

  1. Default Borderless360 location. We’re able to sync combined inventory selected from several warehouses into your Shopify Store inventory. This becomes useful when you want to provide country inventory level availability to end customers. For example, we will combine Melbourne, Sydney and Perth facilities’ stock into a total combined stock which will be provided back to your Australian Shopify store and mapped by SKU.

  2. Shopify Location inventory sync, in contrast with the Default Borderless360 location option, this option gives you more flexibility across all your inventory locations. For example, you might use one location with one fulfilment service and another one with Borderless360. In that case, the inventory won’t be overwritten by different services. However, it’s also recommended to have dedicated product SKUs for each fulfilment service you use.

  3. Multiple locations is a more sophisticated option where we can support several Shopify locations and map them with Borderless360 warehouses’ combined inventory. That could be useful if you have a Shopify Plus account with several countries supported. This helps provide accurate stock levels for Europe, the US, Australia etc for selected locations.

  • If you have decided to use a new warehouse facility, please make sure to add it to an appropriate location. Otherwise, you will notice that its inventory is not added to the total inventory number.

Order import delay

You can also 'age' your Shopify order by 1 hour, 2 hours or 1 day before it is synced into the Borderless360 system. Doing so gives you time to cancel, edit or make changes to an order before the fulfillment process begins.

To set the Order Import Delay:

  1. From the Dashboard, head to Settings

  2. Click Integrations, then Shopify

  3. Scroll to Order import delay and select either NO DELAY, 1 HOUR, 2 HOURS, or 1 DAY from the options.

Cancellation and refund process

The cancellation process should be handled manually on both sides. This is because there are some cases when the order cannot be cancelled automatically and should be communicated to the end customer in order to organise a return or other appropriate actions.

Filter by country (optional)

If you decide to fetch orders only by certain countries you do this by selecting the appropriate country in the popup. Leave it blank to bring up all orders from all locations.

Skip products titles

You can skip some products, which means they will not be recorded in the Borderless360 platform. This could be useful if you for example sell virtual products along with shippable products. This option might affect your orders being Partially Fulfilled if this option is selected.

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