You can store your inventory at our warehouses closer to your customers and thereby achieve faster and more cost-effective deliveries. Before you send inventory, you’ll need to create a new ASN in the B360 app. This will notify our warehouse about your inbound ASN.

  1. Log in to B360.

  2. Choose ASN Orders from the side bar.

  3. Click Create ASN Order.

You’re now in the new ASN order details page.

  1. In Order Details, search or type in the name of the products you’d like to send one-at-a-time. You can add as few or as many products as you like.

  2. For each product, add the quantity you’d like to send.

  3. Then select the unit of measure from the drop down menu. If you’re sending multiple products inside cartons, please add the quantity of products that fit inside one carton. The system will automatically calculate the number of cartons you’ll be sending. Once you’ve completed this step for all products, double-check the numbers of products and cartons. Does anything seem off, or is it all correct? You can remove products by clicking the delete button.

  4. In Additional Details, add a unique Reference Number, the estimated date of arrival, and any important notes.

  5. In Package Details, add a description of the inventory, choose the reason for export, and your terms of trade.

  6. In Receiver Details, choose the receiving warehouse from the drop down menu.

  7. In Source Details, add yours or the sender’s details, ensuring all fields are complete.

Now it’s time to tell us how you’ll package and send your inventory to us. Refer to our guide called Packaging and sending ASNs.

  1. In Shipment Configuration, choose the boxes, pallets, or containers tab. Add the information including quantities, dimensions, and weights. You can add further items by clicking the add button.

You will either use your own courier to send your shipment to us, or you can ask us to provide you with a quote for courier services.

  1. To get a quote, click Get Rates. Otherwise, click Manual Fulfillment.

  1. In the Manual Fulfillment popup box, add your shipment’s Tracking Number, and choose Manual from the drop down box. Then click Save.

  2. Finally, click Save and Fulfil.

Your ASN will be automatically manifested in 24 hours. You can continue to add products to the ASN within this 24-hour period.

Downloading Receiving Labels

You must download, print and affix Receiving Labels to all packages. Receiving Labels ensure our warehouses can quickly identify your inventory and get it ready for fulfilment. You'll find the download button in the Shipping Documents column on the ASN Orders page.

Bulk-importing orders into an ASN

If you have several orders you’d like to add to the ASN, you can do so using the Bulk Import feature. You’ll first need to create a new ASN, and save it as draft. Then you can add to it.

  1. Open the draft ASN.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click Bulk Import.

  4. Click Download Template, to open a spreadsheet ready to use.

  5. Add the product information into the spreadsheet.

  6. Open the sharing permissions by clicking Share, then choosing Anyone with the link can view, copying the link to your clipboard, and clicking Done.

  7. Back in B360, paste the copied link into the Google Drive Link field, and click Validate.

  8. With validation done, click Approve.

  9. Returning to the order, you’ll see the imported items in the Order Details section.

  10. To finish, click Save and Fulfil.

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