Our Pricing Packs are special offers. They're a set amount of services that you can buy, upfront, at a discounted price. Services include storage, fulfilment, and shipping.

How Packs work

There are three Packs to choose from: Power Packs, Super Packs, and Mega Packs. The more you spend on a Pack, the more you save.

When you purchase a pricing pack the amount spent plus your savings is entered as a credit on your account and applied to your invoices as they're raised. When a Pack runs out, you'll lose the discounts on subsequent services. You can buy as many packs as you want, and stop using them at any time. If you choose not to use them, you’ll still be paying a competitive rate, but you won’t benefit from any extra savings.

How to buy Packs

You can pay for Packs using bank transfer in countries where we operate. Let us know through Intercom or by email if you'd like to buy a Pack, and we'll give you the details. We'll remind you when your current Packs are running low.

Packs are optional

Packs are not 'pay as you go.' You don't have to buy them in order to use Borderless 360.

Using Packs in different locations

Packs must be used in the country they're bought. For example, if you're based in Australia, you can use Packs bought in Australia to pay for services originating in Australia, but not for services originating in another country. If you have operations in different countries, you can buy Packs to use in each country. We support AUD, HKD, EURO, USD, and GBP.

Getting refunds

You can claim a refund on any remaining money less unused savings if you decide to stop using Borderless 360.

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