Borderless360 offers complimentary insurance of up to HK$300 on every shipment through our network. You can submit and manage insurance claims using our in-app ticketing system. We have also added an insurance dashboard that provides full visibility over every open and closed claim.

What can I claim for?

How much am I insured for?

Tracking says Returned to Sender, can I make a claim?

What documents do I need to supply?

Processing of claims

Is there a deadline for submitting a claim?

Filing a claim

To file a claim using the Borderless360 app, simply:

  1. Select orders from the sidebar

  2. Search for the GVS you'd like to claim against

  3. Open a ticket for the order and choose insurance

You will be asked to provide extra information to file the claim. You will then be asked to declare all information provided is correct.

All claims must be submitted within thirty days of the item being shipped.

All claims can be found as tickets in the ticketing app so you can respond to messages or attach images or documents. You can also find a list of all your claims in the insurance dashboard.

Insurance dashboard

The insurance dashboard displays all open and closed insurance claims in one place. To access the dashboard:

  1. From the sidebar, click orders

  2. Select Insurance claims

Insurance claims will be displayed in several tabs:


This tab will list all insurance claims, whether open or closed.


Claims that have not yet been processed.


Claims that our team are working on. This might include following up with the courier, the insurer, or just gathering the necessary documentation.


The Borderless360 insurance team will mark a claim as accepted once it has been approved.


If a claim is rejected, it will filter into the rejected tab.

Action required

The insurer may occasionally request further information. This could be images showing damaged packaging or correspondence with your customer. We will request this information from you and filter the claim into this folder.


Claims are paid in bulk. Once a payment has been made, we will mark the associated claims as paid.


When you close a ticket, it will appear on the closed tab.

Closing a ticket

Once a claim has been accepted or rejected you can go ahead and close the ticket. You can close multiple tickets at once through the insurance claims dashboard.

  1. Select the squares on the left side of the Order ID to choose the claims you want to cancel.

  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click Bulk Actions.

  3. Click Close, then Confirm.

Frequently asked questions

What can I claim for?

You can make a claim for any shipment that is lost or damaged. You cannot submit a claim for incorrect items. In these instances, please raise a Pick Pack Error ticket and a client success representative will assist.

How much am I insured for?

Borderless360 provides loss and damage insurance up to HK$300 for each shipment. You are covered for the purchase/cost value of the goods. Our insurer may request proof of purchase. For high-value shipments, you can request a buy-up option, which is a percentage of the value of the goods. We always recommend our clients have their own insurance as well.

In the case a package has been left at the doorstep and subsequently stolen or suspected stolen, the recipient has 24 hours to notify us of the incident in order to process the claim.

Tracking says Returned to Sender, can I make a claim?

If the package was lost in transit, then you can claim. If the package is returned to the warehouse, this is usually because of an incorrect address or a missed delivery. In these instances, you are not able to make an insurance claim. If the package is damaged in transit, you can make a claim.

What documents do I need to supply?

When making a claim, please send us any communication from the end customer stating they did not receive the package if applicable. If you already have proof of loss from the courier, please attach this to the ticket.

If you submit a claim for damaged goods, please also include images of the damaged product AND packaging and any communication from the end customer stating the package arrived damaged.

Lost in transit items: Purchase invoice or an equivalent verifiable document substantiating the value of items lost in transit must be submitted to demonstrate the value of such items at the time of loss. This could be a receipt of what you paid your supplier or preferably the commercial invoice that was sent to the warehouse for fulfillment.

Damaged in transit items: Imagery that proves damaged was sustained during transit. If the damage is caused by insufficient packaging, the claim may be rejected by the insurer.

Processing of claims

Be as specific as possible with your claim and supporting documents, especially if you are claiming for damaged goods. This will help with the fast processing of claims.

Is there a deadline for submitting a claim?

All claims filed through Borderless360 for packages lost or damaged in transit must be filed within 30 DAYS of the original ship date. Any claims submitted after this time frame will not be accepted.

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