Your feedback counts

We've been listening to your feedback and will now be rolling out suggested improvements in this release. Your feedback is very valuable to us and helps shape the Borderless 360 platform. If you are butting heads with something in the app or would like to tell us about something that really works, then we want to hear about it! Fill in a short feedback form to let us know what we can do to improve.

Out of stock order's status

The Action Required status no longer contains Out of Stock orders. You can now filter orders by dedicated status. Moreover, once the inventory is added back into stock, the orders will be automatically fulfilled.

Export reports update

Today we've enhanced our order export feature, making it significantly quicker. We've also increased the total number of orders that can be downloaded to 60,000 orders. Finally, we've added new Shipping Date, Delivery Date, Order Status, Tracking Status and Ordered Items fields.

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