We're pleased to tell you that Dashboard statistics are much improved showing, among other things, month by default. This will give you a better understanding of your business performance. You can change it at any time by clicking the drop-down in the top right corner.

UI/UX improvements

  • We added a Help Desk quick-link button to the app's header bar, taking you straight to https://help.borderless360.com/;

  • Browser tabs now show a description of the page; and

  • Your company logo now sits in the top right corner.

Shopify tracking event sync

In normal circumstances, Shopify provides events for well-known couriers like FedEx, and USPS, for example. We have now activated tracking event synchronization between Shopify and Borderless 360. However, it may still not work for some couriers so please bear with us while we work towards adding more.

Important: this won't change existing functionality; through your Shopify account you retain full control of email tracking notifications.

Read more about this update in Shopify docs: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/notifications

Skipping packaging

If you want to skip packaging (usually the case for B2B orders), you can now do this by checking the box in the Courier Options panel.

Thanks, we hope you like these latest updates!

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