Billing improvements

We've added new fields to the billing report that will allow you to more easily reconcile:
- Sender Address (city, state, and country).
- Receiver Address (city, state, and country).
- Receiver Zone (will help you understand shipping charges).
- Ordered Items (gives details of all products and quantities, but excludes packaging, so you can better understand pick-pack charges).
- Total Weight (kg) of all packages and items per order.

Also, now we support 4 currencies of the charges: AUD, USD, GBP, , HKD

You can switch between them and see the total charges over one year.

We do show 13 month which allows you to compare the same month total revenue with the current month.

New product types

We've also added new product types:
- Item (an individual, unpackaged SKU that needs to be packaged before being shipped).
- Packaging (materials like boxes used for preparing goods for shipping).
- Bundle (combinations of SKUs that are sold and shipped as one bundle).
- Ship-ready (an individual SKU, or multiple SKUs, already packaged and ready to ship. Labels can be affixed straight to packaging).

Manifest improvements

We've added a new Tracking Info column in Manifests with quick links to view orders' tracking statuses at a glance. You can click on any box, e.g. Pending on the screenshot

Then it will display only pending tracking orders under that manifest

Australia, United States, and United Kingdom address normalisation

We now automatically adjust destination addresses according to courier rules, fixing the postal code or state if they are not provided by the customer. We define the correct address based on criteria like the street name, city, postal code, state, and country. We provide an error message if an address is not found.

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