Borderless360 operates fulfilment centres in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada - where the following fees apply.

Inventory storage fees

You can store your stock at any of our fulfillment centres for improved delivery performance and more cost-effective rates.

Fulfillment fees

Inbound ASN fees

When sending inventory to our warehouses, you must complete every step on the Valid ASN checklist to avoid incurring Non-Valid ASN Fees.

Valid ASN checklist

  1. Do the products meet B360’s Acceptable Use Policy?

  2. Submit a new Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) in the B360 app.

  3. Correctly package and label pallets, cartons, and singles.

  4. Ensure the product counts in the shipment match those in the ASN.

  5. Ensure shipment will arrive free and clear of customs, duties, and tariffs, along with correct Importer of Record and Tax IDs.

  6. Set up tracking for the shipment.

Non-Valid ASN fees

Non-Valid ASN Fees apply to shipments that have failed to meet all requirements of our Valid ASN checklist.

Fee type



No ASN submission

Shipments arriving at our warehouse unscheduled because the client failed to submit an ASN in the B360 app.


Premature ASN arrival

Shipments arriving prematurely at our warehouses, i.e., within 72 hours of an in-app ASN submission.


Different SKUs in one carton

Shipments contain cartons with different SKUs inside.


Unknown or unexpected SKU

Shipments contain SKUs that are not listed on the ASN submission.


Inventory disposal

At the client’s request, B360 will dispose of all inventory for an SKU. Disposal method will be at B360’s discretion.

Quotes provided on a case-by-case basis.

Work Order fees

Work Orders are special requests relating to inventory. Sellers may require Borderless 360 to check stock for various reasons including: measuring dimensions and weights, checking labels and barcodes, taking photos, restocking SKUs into kits and bundles, etc.

Cancelled order fee

If you request to cancel an order and we're able to cancel it while it's in the process of being fulfilled, a Cancelled order fee will be applied. Please note we may not always be able to cancel orders if they have already been fulfilled.

Returned order fee

If a customer returns an order, it will pass through our facility before re-entering your inventory (unless you choose to dispose of it). In any case, there is an associated charge.


Borderless 360 provides domestic and international shipping from Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States. Shipping rates are available through your customer dashboard and the Customer Rates Schedule.

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