We have some important updates about the latest release and we thought you’d want to hear them first.


New Manifest Order Reports 

Once you’ve dispatched a Manifest, the Manifests page will now provide you with a new Order Report, which you can download by clicking. 


Removal of click-confirmation steps

Click-confirmation steps - alerts that prompt you to confirm an action by clicking again - are important for irreversible actions like manifesting and cancelling orders. But, they’re not as important (even unnecessary) for reversible actions. To save you time, we’ve removed click-confirmation steps from the FULFIL, and PUT ON HOLD actions.

New REFULFIL button

To make fulfilment even simpler, we’ve created a new REFULFIL button. Unlike the existing FULFIL button, which generates shipping docs and tracking numbers for draft and action-required orders, the new REFULFIL button generates shipping docs and tracking numbers for orders already fulfilled. See images:

Existing FULFIL button

New REFULFIL button

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