Once you've committed fulfilled orders to a Manifest, you must print the Manifest, and attach it to the package(s) so that the courier can reference it.

Borderless 360 offers a package pickup service in the following countries:

If you'd like us to pick up packages from your location(s) in any of these countries, please follow these steps.

You must group packages by destination, eg group all UK-bound shipments separately from all US-bound shipments, etc.

Having separated packages by destination, and having printed and attached each Manifest to the package(s), compose an email addressed to: ops@borderless360.com

  1. Type 'Package pickup request' in the Subject field.

  2. In the email body, include the following information:Your full pickup address including zip code;Name and phone number of your main contact;Total number of packages;Dimensions (cm) of packages;Weight (kg) of packages; andIf required, state that the package requires a pallet.Send the email.

We'll then get in touch with you shortly after to confirm the pickup.

Important: We must receive your email no later than 11:30 am (HKT) for same-day pickup.

Fees for failed pickups (Australia only): Borderless 360 reserves the right to charge a 'Failed Pickup Fee' (AUD$30.00) if we arrive at your location(s) in Australia but are unable to pick up shipments due to issues within your control.

Fees for rejection of freight (worldwide): Borderless 360 reserves the right to charge a 'Freight Rejection Fee' (USD$30.00) if items destined for different locations are not manifested correctly, eg Items destined for the EU are mixed up together with items destined for the US or other destinations.

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