You can cancel your account at any time by contacting us at:

There are some important things for you to bear in mind if you cancel your account:

  • If you have stock at any of our fulfilment warehouses you will be required to settle any outstanding payments before we release your stock.

  • You will still have access to Borderless360 for 14 days following the last fulfillment date, at which point you will no longer have access.

  • You can export your order, product, and contact data as .CSV files at any time before and during the 30-day cancellation period. To do this, send us an email at:

  • We reserve the right to cancel your account if it has not been used for 30 days or more.

  • Once all your products have been packed and ready to transfer, we will send through a two-way release document that details all inventory to be handed over to the designated carrier. This document should be signed by both parties.

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